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The key components of brand identity

There are six essential elements that need to go in every brand style guide.

Brand story

Tell the world who is your brand. Mission, vision, audience, personality and values—can all be included in your brand story.

Logo guidelines

Your logo serves as an example for the tone, aesthetic and values of the entire brand. Setting guidelines ensures that the logo is used properly and as you had intended. These guidelines are called logo usage guidelines and they are an integral part of any brand strategy and brand style guide.

Brand color palette

A color palette is the full range of colors that a brand sets as their identity. Being an expression of the brand identity, colors influences consumers. As color attracts consumers, they evoke emotions. Consistent use of color provides a common link between departments, sub-brands and products. Therefore, it is essential to choose a brand’s colors carefully and communicate the guidelines clearly,

Typography and font guidelines

Typography shapes a company’s personality. Therefore, it is vital to consider what typeface will be at the forefront of forming the brand. Fonts or typography, when used consistently, unifies messaging and creates familiarity. 

Image guidelines

Creating a brand identity is an extended visual language, with supporting graphics, icons, and photographs. The use of colors influences the effect an image can have on the audience.

Brand voice

Brand voice is the distinct personality a brand takes on in its communications. Brand voice strongly affects how your audience feels about you.

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