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Consumers say 77% of brands are irrelevant
sign "your culture is your brand"

More than 80% of brands in the Europe could disappear and consumers would not miss them. The figures are highlighted by the most recent study by the agency Havas, Meaningful Brands 2019, based on 1,800 brands and 350,000 consumers from 31 countries. Globally, the sentiment remains with consumers stating that...

4 reasons why typography is essential in branding
livro de tipografia

For those who do not work in the field, typography is just one more element of brand identity. For branding professionals, typography carries an increased importance in terms of the success or failure of brand communication. Here are four reasons that make typography an essential element of your strategy: Gives...

Want to develop your web presence?
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Want to develop your web presence? Be it on your website, online shop or social networks? The applications for Vale Comércio – Portugal 2020 are open to support companies with economic activities in the commerce, services and catering sectors with their web presence. And we can help you. Consulting services...

Revealed new update to Google’s search algorithm
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Google claims that these updates can influence the position of some sites in the search engine results page. Google’s search algorithm is ever changing. Some changes are focused on specific improvements and usually happen every day. However, throughout the year, some more broad updates in the algorithm’s core structure are...

Website – how to increase conversions?
peças de Scrabble com palavras relacionadas com SEM

How to increase the online conversion of your website? Yes, we are going to disclose some of our online marketing strategy secrets. Ready? Before we buy products or services we go to our preferred search engine and read the comments, reviews and compare features. Increasingly, the buyer tries to identify...