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10 years of Geoflicks, a new approach

On the day that we celebrate 10 years in business, Geoflicks presents a new image, a new positioning, and a new approach to the market.

With a portfolio connected to communication and marketing, today we are focussing our skills on digital marketing.

A greater focus on online communication means deepening objectives, delineating the strategy and communicating the results.

Knowing the market, trends, defining personas and creating engagment are words that are part of our work methodology. Measuring results and achieving goals are fundamental in the development of any marketing activity. And this is our proposal. This will be our insignia.

But we want more. We will be disruptive on development and innovative in our approach because we understand that knowledge is in permanent ebullition.

We will be the eyes and ears of our customers. We will speak the language of each audience and captivate even the most difficult of audiences.

GEOFLICKS, We are a Digital Communication agency with creative solutions, focused on strategies and real results.


Stay with us.

The Geoflicks Team

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