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Website – how to increase conversions?

How to increase the online conversions of your website? Yes, we are going to disclose some of our online marketing strategy secrets. Ready?

Before we buy products or services we go to our preferred search engine and read the comments, reviews and compare features. Increasingly, the buyer tries to identify with the brand before making the purchase. But there are numerous websites, products and services. So how can we increase the conversion of visitors to our website?

Whether your business is small, medium or large, it has to always be based on a fundamental action – STRATEGY!

In the following points we will discuss some digital marketing strategies to increase the online conversions of your website.

  1. Analyze your website: To create an effective strategy you have to analyze your website at the level of design, usability (user experience), visualization on other devices, etc. You can use this free online tool:
  2. SEO Optimization: You should develop a strategy that takes into account your site’s SEO optimization that helps you rank higher in a SERP search (search for expressions or words in a search engine). At the SEO level you should take into consideration:
    1. Keyword Research: find the keywords that will guide users to your website. You can use the free Google Keyword Tool
    2. Content: Once you’ve discovered the most important keywords you should try to include them in the content of your website.
    3. On-Site Optimization: In addition to content you must include keywords in other on-page elements of the website, such as titles (H1, H2), meta descriptions, images and image tags
    4. Link Building: You should try to include your website in online directories or other referral websites, so the search engine will know that the content you share is important to many people.
  3. Content Marketing: This part of the strategy entails developing content of interest that will captivate your visitors. At this point you should already have identified the profile of your visitor (age, location, preferences, etc). Content marketing can use different tools, such as blog articles, videos, ebooks, and more.
  4. Social networks: be present in the most important social networks for your audience. Create and share content that allows for greater engagment between your brand and your audience. The higher the quality, the greater the likelihood of increasing your share.
  5. Email marketing: with GDPR many databases (poorly instructed) have been deleted. Take this opportunity to create a qualified database. Start with your current customers and create conversion pages (landing pages or CTAs) that allow you to increase the base of leads (with permissions for promotional contact).
  6. Search engine advertising (SEA): In your marketing strategy you can use paid ads on social networks and / or paid ads on search engines. SEA is considered an indirect measure of SEO aid because it helps increase the visibility of your website.

Did we help? Contact us and ask us what is the best digital marketing strategy for your website.

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