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Revealed new update to Google’s search algorithm

Google's Search Algorithm_ Geoflicks
Google claims that these updates can influence the position of some sites in the search engine results page.

Google’s search algorithm is ever changing. Some changes are focused on specific improvements and usually happen every day.

However, throughout the year, some more broad updates in the algorithm’s core structure are applied.

These changes can cause variations on the search engine results page for many websites.

Sites that once had good results can now see their position drop, while sites whose position was not so well listed on the results pages can see their performance improve.

For all professionals who notice these variations, Google leaves a message:

There is nothing wrong with your website!

In fact, you should remain focused on optimizing your sites and the quality of your content.

Once again, the importance of creating relevant and quality content for users has been highlighted. This is the only way to get a good ranking on the first page of Google results.

SOURCE: Google SearchLiaison – Twitter

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