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4 reasons why typography is essential in branding

For those who do not work in the field, typography is just one more element in branding identity.

For branding professionals, typography carries an increased importance in terms of the success or failure of brand communication.

Here are four reasons that make typography an essential element of your strategy:

  1. Gives personality to the brand

Consciously or not, we are influenced by what we see and the first thing we notice is the image of a brand. This means that the typography chosen by the brand shapes what we are going to think about it.

The font can convey different messages or emotions. For example, is it cheerful or sad, old or recent, screams or whispers, is it serious or fun?

It can also convey a sense of trust. For these reasons, setting the right typography for your brand can make the difference between capturing the attention and interaction of your audience or going completely unnoticed.

2. Works imperceptibly

The best typography is almost invisible. If we do not notice it, it is because it is perfectly aligned within its creative environment. Good typography guides the consumer through the information, tells you what is most important to retain, helps organize the information and adds more to it.

Bad typography, on the other hand, “throws” information at the consumer, often preventing the message from being passed correctly.

3. Conveys meaning
Like many other areas, typography also goes through trends. However, choosing a source should not be influenced by what is popular at the time. Trends are fleeting and the message of a brand must endure. The choice should therefore be made taking into account the meaning and commercial and creative purpose of the brand.

4. Changes perspectives

The choice of typography can seriously impact how the brand is perceived. The way people consume information has changed drastically with new technologies, and more and more content is consumed across screens and mobile devices. This makes it necessary to understand how each typography works on different platforms and screens.

Typography is as important as other elements that make it a unique brand. Risking a new typography can be very interesting and fun, but we must always ensure that the message is not impaired.

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