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Social Networks in Portugal

Social Networks geoflicks
Needless to say, we love social networks in Portugal!

Eyes are increasingly glued to small screens. We search for news, we take selfies and publish likes and dislikes.

According to the study “The Portuguese and Social Networks 2017”, conducted by Marktest, about 60% of national Internet users have accounts on social media.

The social network in Portugal with the highest number of users is Facebook, with a quota of 96%, but more than half already have an account with Instagram.

  • Of the 96% that have a Facebook account, 74% say it is the social network they use the most, and 58% of them enjoy it the most.

Keeping in touch with people who are away and sending and receiving messages are the main motivations for creating a profile on a social network.

Viewing videos also gains an important dimension in these platforms: 88.9% of respondents say they watch videos on social networks, with Facebook being the most used.

Social networks represent 13% of the total number of sites visited via a personal computer.

More and more users prefer the smartphone for access, with more than 76% using the mobile version of social networks.

Another relevant fact is that 19% of the usual network users have abandoned at least one social network in 2017.

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