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Citrina sponsors portuguese television series
Fundo de programa televisão com 4 plantas citrina

HAVE YOU THOUGHT ABOUT SPONSORING A TELEVISION SERIES? That’s what our client Citrina decided to do, they have sponsored the TV series “The Recipes Back Home” on RTP1. Algarve bonsai, citrus version XXS or simply citrus fruit. The small ornamental citrus plants delight throughout Europe. In order to increase its...

Social Networks in Portugal
Mão de mulher com telemóvel nas redes sociais

Needless to say, we love social networks in Portugal! Eyes are increasingly glued to small screens. We search for news, we take selfies and publish likes and dislikes. According to the study “The Portuguese and Social Networks 2017”, conducted by Marktest, about 60% of national Internet users have accounts on...

GDPR – 5 steps
Computador fixo, portátil e tablet

HERE ARE SOME QUICK IDEAS ABOUT GDPR IN PRACTICE: With more and more personal data circulating in an uncomplicated and uncontrolled way, the GDPR has come to standardize procedures. The European Union has tried to clarify the existing rules in several countries related to the new General Regulation on Data...

Fund approved for foreign production services in Portugal
Lente e objetiva de uma câmada de filmar

For those who are fans of Targaryen or Snow this news is already overdue. On March 23, new legislation was approved which provides support for audiovisual  production services and an incentive to bring international films to Portugal, for major international events and for the development of products that promote the...

What is GDPR?
Portátil, bloco de notas e caneta

GDPR or RGPD? Whatever the acronym, the legislation has come and it applies to everyone. But who is everyone? All those who process personal data. Simple? The new General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD) reflects the joint efforts of the European institutions to strengthen and unify the protection of personal data...