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Moodle: Advantages of having an online learning platform!

Moodle LMS is a  open source learning management system used by hundreds of millions of learners worldwide.  

What is Moodle? Moodle is a online learning platform. Moddle’s goal is to bring together everything that is needed to help educators and students to provide a more eficient learning.

Moodle is a learning platform for K-12 schools, vocational training, higher education and workplace training.

And what can you do with Moodle?

Moodle is a free online learning management system, or LMS (also known as VLE.)  It is suitable for all ages and all sectors. Anywhere learning takes place, Moodle can be used. It is usually used online but may also be used on an ‘intranet’ within your organisation.

  • Make video lessons;
  • Create discussion forums;
  • Share files;
  • Create courses or provide support materials;
  • Contact students and trainees directly through chats.

Meanwhile, by working on this online learning platform, you will be able to provide your students or trainers with the possibility of:

  • Having a calendar for personal organization and where important dates are recorded;
  • Send tasks when completed (and even within a deadline, if the trainer defines it);
  • Contact teachers and trainers in a simple and immediate way.

Therefore, you will have access to an infinite number of possibilities when creating an online learning platform! 

Using WordPress and Moodle together

Our advice is for you to use Moodle, as it is a reference in this area, and it is the ideal platform to combine with your WordPress site! Moodle WordPress integration is the best solution to easily sell and manage your Moodle courses on your WordPress site.

Moodle does not have the needed e-Commerce capabilities, to sell courses online but if you integrate it with Woocommerce (online store for WordPress).

Moodle has been the world’s most popular learning management system. WooCommerce Moodle integration is always an advantage since it provides a much stronger blogging platform. Also WordPress has better Search Engine Optimization ability than standalone Moodle. In addition, WooCommerce Moodle integration can enable an eCommerce Platform for monetization of courses.

We at Geoflicks are experts in WordPress and Moodle integration!

Using WordPress and Moodle together

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